Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Christmas Tipping
Bob said the FedEx man hung around for a Christmas tip after delivering the dog food last week. Do people really tip the FedEx man? I suppose if he comes on a regular basis he does deserve a Christmas tip, but we weren't ready for him and he didn't get one.

After that experience, we talked about tipping and didn't come to any conclusions except to wonder about what other people do.

I enjoy tipping the people who give me personal service throughout the year. Sue who cuts my hair and Lynn who grooms the dogs both get a cash filled Christmas card. It's when I consider tipping the people I don't know that the questions start.

What about the garbage man? He left us a piece of paper with his name and a holiday sketch. We have to haul our garbage out to the curb and after the garbage man dumps it in the truck he doesn't even put the lid back on the container. He's never done anything extra for us and I'm not feeling very generous toward him.

When the UPS man comes on garbage day, he puts the lid back on the garbage container and rolls it back up the driveway for us. Yes, that's right. The UPS man does that. He carries his delivery in one arm and rolls the garbage can with his other arm. Now that's a guy I want to tip. We have an envelope ready for him.

What about the mail person? I don't know their sex or their name. I'm never home when the mail comes. If I want to give something to him/her, how do I go about it? If I just leave it in the mailbox, how do I know it went to our regular? Am I the only one on the route who's not tipping the mail person?

Am I being Scrooge? How do you handle Christmas tipping?