Friday, December 12, 2003

The Flooey Friday Five
The Friday Five questions today are very similar to the questions Carrie asked me last Friday, so I'm going to skip the official questions this week and ask myself five questions that I want to answer.

I'm feeling very testy today. Humor me. I'm sick.

1. How are you feeling?

Awful. But much better than I was feeling on Wednesday. I'm in the upper respiratory phase now and it was very difficult to sleep last night. When I'm not upright, I'm having a hard time breathing. For those of you who worry about me, all the congestion is in my head. My lungs are fine.

2. Did you go to work today?

No. It occurred to me that for all of my adult life I have made myself go back to work before I was feeling better. This time, since I only have nine more working days after today, I decided to stay home and be gross in private. I can sneeze, blow, snort, and cough without worrying about my professional image or spreading my germs to my workmates.

It has also occurred to me that from now on when I get sick I won't have to "call in" and I won't have to worry about catching up when I return to the office still feeling miserable and tired.

3. Do you see any positives in getting the flu so early in the flu season?

  • I don't need to wonder if and/or when I'm going to get the flu that's going around.

  • My face is decorated for Christmas with a large, red, and shiny nose.

  • Dieting made simple. I didn't eat for two days and now I can't taste anything. Nothing tastes or feels as good as a nice bottle of cold water.

4. Are you ready for Christmas?

How did this question sneak in? I'm sick and I'm not thinking about Christmas preparations today!

I do have a soft spot in my heart for all the people, especially the children, who are going to come down with this flu the week of Christmas. I hope they all have someone to give them tons of loving care and sympathy.

5. Do you have anything planned for the weekend?

Sunday afternoon - and I'm so glad now that it wasn't scheduled for Saturday - Briarwood Dog Training is having a Christmas dinner for the two advanced classes. We get to bring our dogs. In fact, the dogs have drawn names and bought gifts for each other. Fortunately, I got the doggy shopping done just hours before I got sick so all I need to do is wrap the gifts and make a dessert to take. I'm hoping to be well enough to enjoy this event and actually taste the food.