Saturday, September 18, 2004

Where's Dinner?
Blue heron looking for dinner in the pondOccasionally we are treated to a visit from a hungry great blue heron. This one stopped by this evening and was perfectly content to keep looking for dinner while I snapped its picture.

Great blue heron are four to five feet tall with a wingspan of up to six feet.

They also wade in our creek looking for food. Sometimes they hunt at night. It's a very eerie feeling to have one of these enormous, prehistoric looking birds rise up out of the water and fly over my head when it's dark outside.

Pansies Planted
Freshly planted pansiesThis is the first time I've ever planted pansies in the fall. According to what I've been told, they will bloom during the winter thaws and in the spring before the ground warms up enough to plant annuals.

One of these pansies smiling at me in February would make my day, so it's worth a try.

The torenia clown mix annuals I had planted in this spot weren't happy enough to keep blooming until the first frost. (First frost here is usually the first half of October.) They went to seed and I ripped them out. Maybe they needed more care than I gave them, but I have little patience with plants that need babying. I won't bother planting torenia again.

The impatiens I planted last May are still blooming and looking great. I plant them every year. No other annual I've tried does as well here as the impatiens.

Making Waves
Making Waves knitted socksThe Making Waves socks are done!

This is the second sock - the August/September sock - in the Six Sock Knitalong.

We're given a pattern to start with. Then we select our own yarn. These socks were knit with Regia Line Steps color 5366 using US #1 Addi Turbo 24" circular needles.

The twisting stitch pattern pulls in, so the 64 stitch cuff was reduced to 56 stitches for the foot.

The CIC vest and socks knit from the Making Waves stitch pattern are here.