Tuesday, September 14, 2004

The Introvert Gets Social
When I was working, I planned for and valued my time to be quiet and be alone. (DH Bob doesn't count. He's another introvert and shares my need for peace and quiet.)

Now that I'm not working, I'm careful to plan for times of social contact each week. It is important to get out among other people.

This week I'm trying something new, knitting with a group. The Kalamazoo Knitting Meetup is meeting Wednesday evening at Applebee's.

I'm signed up to attend without knowing a single other knitter who is going to be there, or how they're going to be dressed, or what kind of knitting they're going to bring, or what kind of snack they're going to order to eat, or how I'm going to find them after I get there.

I'm only assuming they are going to bring their knitting. I've never seen anyone knitting in Applebee's.

And, what do you order to eat while you're knitting? I use knitting to keep my hands busy so I don't eat.

Sometimes I put events on my calendar with good intentions of attending. When the date arrives I think of a compelling reason to stay home. Like: I have an interesting book to read, or I'm tired, or I'm not sure I can find the place, or I need to alphabetize the spices.

Writing about my intention to attend the knitting meetup on Seasons of Violet makes it more likely I'll attend. If I don't, I'll have to fess up on Thursday.

Thursday morning there is another adventurous (for an introvert) event on my calendar: "Fall Birds Up Close. Spend the morning with a Kalamazoo Nature Center bird bander."

The Nature Center bird banders put out nets to catch the migrating birds, band them, and release them.

I know almost nothing about bird banding and I have many questions.

It seems to me that banding a wild bird might not be a kind thing to do. Does the band bother the bird? Does the bird freak out when a human hand holds it and pinches a band on its leg?

And what about health problems caused by the band? When a fledgling is banded, doesn't it outgrow the band? Could the band get caught on something and endanger the bird? Doesn't it get dirty and/or moldy under that band?

If it doesn't rain on Thursday morning, I'll report back on everything I learned about bird banding. Unless I decide I have to alphabetize the spices.

Any thoughts on bird banding?