Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Goldenrod and Fireworks Time
Field full of goldenrodIn the fall, the goldenrod rises above all the other wildflowers in the back field and turns the landscape yellow. Some of the plants are six feet tall.

This picture was taken a week ago when the blossoms were new. The golden blooms are on the wan already and everything looks and feels like autumn.

It was an uncharacteristically chilly August and it doesn't appear we're going to get the August heat wave in September, either. Tonight when we took the dogs out for their late evening walk, I had to wear a jacket.

This coming weekend is the Wine and Harvest Festival in Paw Paw. I've been attending for fifteen years and it has always been festival friendly weather. On Friday evening they have a beautiful fireworks display over Maple Lake. For the past five years, Kimmy and I have gone to see them.

This year is the first time the Wine and Harvest Festival falls on the weekend Kimmy spends with her dad. Daughter Heather is going to check with Kimmy's dad and find out if I can pick Kimmy up from school on Friday and take her to his house on Saturday morning. He's a nice guy and we get along well, so I expect him to agree unless he has other plans for Kimmy that can't be changed.

Does your location have a fall festival?