Wednesday, September 29, 2004

To Wash or Not To Wash . .
After reading one of Cliff's posts, I've decided to 'fess up.

I'm one of those horrible women that other women "tut tut" about. I don't always wash my hands after using a public restroom.

I have my BS in Biomedical Science with an emphasis on microbiology.

People with degrees like mine tend to one of two extremes. Either they have germ phobia and attempt to live a sterile life or they understand that the futile fight against germs can cause more harm than good.

We all have a natural flora. There are millions of microbes living all over us and inside us. That's the way it's supposed to be.

When that natural flora is reduced or eliminated, it provides the unnatural flora an opportunity to establish itself. That's why patients on strong antibiotics get diarrhea.

I don't wash my hands in a public bathroom because I want my natural flora intact to fight off any strange germs that may be trying to set up housekeeping on or in my body.

I guess this means I am a little germ phobic - but only other people's germs. My resident germs are welcome to stay right with me to guard their territory.

Do you always wash your hands? Be truthful now.