Tuesday, September 21, 2004

School Supplies!
After several weeks of leaving Sunday Brunchers in the lurch without Sunday meme questions to answer, Jeanne let us know that she's too busy with life right now to keep the website going.

The good news is that Sunday Brunch has been resurrected by Erica. She plans to get the questions up on Saturday night, so we'll have plenty of time to write our answers on Sunday. Sounds perfect.

This week, however, the questions were posted late Sunday night, so my answers are late also.

If the first set of questions is any indication, Sunday Brunch is going to continue in fine shape. Thanks Erica.

Questions from Sunday Brunch.

1) Do you prefer wide rule or college rule notebook paper?

College rule when I'm writing paragraphs and wide rule when I'm making lists. Since I do most of my paragraph writing in Word now, all my pads are wide rule.
2) What is your favorite writing instrument?
The two basics I use daily are
  • A #2 lead mechanical pencil with a good eraser.

  • A smooth writing ball point pen that doesn't leave ink blobs. The last pack of suitable pens I bought were Papermate Comfortmate.
3) What is the one office or school supply that you can’t live without?
Pads of lined paper in pretty colors, both small and large size. I use them to write my lists and plan my days.
4) Staples or paper clips?
Staples. Most multiple page documents I want to keep are going into a file until they are tossed out. The staples fit in the file folders without making a bulge.

I also staple the pages of knitting patterns I've printed out from the internet. It keeps them permanently together and in the right order.
5) Describe the contents of the top of your desk.
The closest thing I have to a desk is a table in the back room next to the old couch where I sit, pray, read, think, and make my lists. The table currently contains the following:
  • My primary Bible and Reversed Thunder, a study of Revelation by Eugene H. Peterson. I'm enjoying his thoughts on Revelation while getting more acquainted with that awesome book of the Bible.

  • My Flylady control journal. It has cleaning routines for each room in the house. Now if the fairies would only come and do them.

  • A three ring notebook containing printouts of Menu Mailer from the last three months, including the one for this week.

    Menu-Mailer is a weekly email newsletter by Leanne Ely containing a weekly menu, recipes, and a shopping list. The meals are tasty, healthy, and easy to fix.

    I've been using Menu Mailer for three months now and have been able to maintain my forty pound weight loss while learning how to cook and eat completely different from the old way.

  • Hard copy calendar.

    I've used electronic calendars and found that I enjoy and prefer an old fashioned paper calendar. I use the 5 X 8 size and usually carry it in my purse when I go out.

  • Pencil holder containing pencils and pens as described above plus highlighters, a large sissors and a nail sissors.

  • A skein of Opal handpainted yarn wound into two balls in anticipation of starting the third sock in the Six Sock Knitalong.

  • A skein of green Opal Magic wound into three balls in anticipation of starting a pair of socks for Monette to wear with her green teeshirt.

    It should be only two balls, but there was a knot in the skein. Bother!

  • Printout of Susan's free internet pattern for a Barbie Poncho. It's going to be so much fun to knit this. I just have to figure out when to do it.

    My knitting list is getting way too long. One of the few reasons I'm glad that winter is coming.
What's on your desk/work area that doesn't belong there?