Saturday, September 11, 2004

On the Wine Festival
Kimmy is almost nine years old. This is the year she discovered the band playing in the bandshell. At her request, we sat on the grass directly in front of it to wait for the fireworks.

Being completely "out of it", I'm not sure what kind of music they were performing. It had a beat and it was loud. I could tolerate it, but I wasn't sorry when it ended an hour after we sat down.

There was a middle aged man in a purple teeshirt dancing right up in front of the band. He was not keeping time to the music. His movements were more comical than entertaining.

At first Kimmy giggled at him. Then she wanted to know what was going on.

I told her he was something like Forrest Gump. She got the message. "Oh, he's mentally disabled." We both wondered if Purple Shirt might get escorted away.

Purple Shirt danced for the entire hour. The lead singer let Purple Shirt play the tambourine for one of their numbers. At the end of the set, the female lead singer put down her microphone and danced with Purple Shirt.

Kimmy watched carefully and learned that being kind can be cool.

And the fireworks were the best ever.

On the Circus
The circus was wonderful and not at all tacky. If it comes to your area, I highly recommend it as quality entertainment. All three generations, Kimmy, Mother, and I, enjoyed the entire two hours.

When I was in grade school (fifty plus years ago) we attended a circus outside in a tent. Even as a kid I recognized that the costumes looked shabby and the animals didn't look happy.

The circus we saw today was completely different. The costumes were beautiful, everything looked fresh, and the animals looked loved, well cared for, and eager to entertain.

There's another performance tonight. If someone offered to take me, I'd go again.

On 9/11
Before the circus performance began, the ringmaster invited everyone to stand for a moment of silence. Year three and I still choked up.

How can W justify the way he is using our military elsewhere while Osama Bin Laden remains a free man?