Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Questions from Sunday Brunch were late getting posted this week, so I'm late answering them.

1. Indoor or outdoor weddings?

Only very brave and daring people plan outdoor weddings in Michigan. I've never attended on outdoor wedding.

2. How many weddings have you been in?
Only two. And one of those was when I was the witness for sister Doris when she married John at the courthouse.

3. When you were married (or if there is a wedding in your future), what type of wedding did or would you have?
Wedding picture from 1965When I married the father of my children in 1965, it was a very traditional church wedding. That marriage lasted ten years.

During that season of my life, I had the entire crown of my hair bleached out platinum. For my wedding, I had a rinse put on it so my hair color wouldn't look dated in future years. How funny that I never though about the entire hairstyle looking dated.

I worked in a high fashion beauty shop and we were heavily into backcombing and hairspray. The hair you see in this picture was not meant to move. And it didn't.

Second and forever husband Bob and I were married in 1975 at the courthouse by a magistrate. We each had a friend stand up with us and only my two children attended.

I thought it was important for the kids to be there so they would know for sure that Bob and I were truly married. Heather was seven and John was five. Neither one remembers the occasion. There were no other guests and, unfortunately, no pictures.

We wore matching home sewn flannel shirts in a gold and brown plaid. Bob wore blue jeans and I wore a gold corduroy mini skirt.

We celebrate our twenty-ninth anniversary on September 18.

4. Have you caught the bouquet or garter?

5. Tell us about a funny, scary or memorable wedding moment.
Mother used to work for a very conservative Dutch lawyer named Ron. For most of my high school years, I babysat for Ron's three little children.

Ron and his wife attended my wedding and in the reception line he gave me a big kiss on the cheek. Then he blushed and blurted out, "I just kissed the babysitter!"

Do you have a funny wedding story to tell?