Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Sunny Still Leary of Chair
Sunny in the new kitchen chair Sunny has a hard time with change. She is not sure why we have new scary chairs in our house. She is still very cautious around them.

This chair has been in our house for two weeks now. It replaced a chair that Sunny loved to sit in. For this picture I picked her up and placed her in the new chair. She stayed long enough for the picture, but she prefers the older furniture that she knows is safe.

Pappy Knows What a Chair is For
Pappy in the new living room chairPappy, on the other hand, checked out the new chairs shortly after they arrived and decided they were benign. A few days later, he hopped up in this one and claimed it for one of his favorite snoozing places.

The Blahs
WOW. It's Wednesday already and I haven't posted since Sunday.

That's because I've been feeling creaky and cranky this week. Everything I've written sounded like whining, and I didn't want to publish it. It was obvious when I read my writing that I have nothing legitimate to whine about. I just seem to be in a bad mood for no good reason.

Actually, I have many things to be thankful for and, in general, things are all OK. But boring. Maybe it's post-company let down.

The summer is almost over. I always feel like September is the time for a new start. But I'm not starting anything new.

There is a French word for what I'm feeling: ennui, a feeling of weariness and dissatisfaction.

Ennui is a good thing. My ennui makes me look at my life and find things that need changing and other things that need to be eliminated. On a more positive note, my ennui has me looking for something new to add to my life to make it more meaningful and interesting.

Are you starting something new this fall?