Saturday, August 07, 2004

The Rest of the Story
Thanks for all the comments, emails, sympathy, and advice on my last post.

Now I think it's time I tell you why I attend the church that I attend - the preaching and teaching is excellent.

Once the music part of the service is over, we take our Bibles and get a detailed lesson on a section of the contents.

Our senior pastor was an attorney in Scotland for ten years before being called by God to preach the Word. He is a graduate of Edinburgh University, Scotland. He earned a Master of Theology degree and his doctorate from Dallas Theological Seminary.

He is an intelligent man with a powerful love of the Lord and a strong feeling for the Word of God. His sermons are well organized and delivered with enthusiasm. This summer he is preaching a detailed series on the book of Ruth with numerous lessons and applications for my life.

Many people, myself included, take notes on his sermons so we can go back to the passage during the week to absorb it at a slower pace.

There are some theological points where I believe differently than this church, so I have never become an official member. But I have been a faithful attendee since the Lord led me there ten years ago. Rare is the service where I'm not blessed by the message.

I feel very strongly that the Lord wants me in that church right now - but not forever. Periodically I pray about going somewhere else and the Holy Spirit tells me to stay put for now and keep learning. So that's what I do.

Tomorrow morning, Lord willing, I will be sitting in church with the proper spirit of worship.