Saturday, August 28, 2004

eMail It
See the little letter with the arrow in it just before the Comments line at the bottom of the post?

If you click on it, it gives you the opportunity to email a link to whatever I wrote to someone you think might enjoy it.

Blogger is enhancing its blogging features at a pretty quick pace. I'm looking forward to adding some of the other enhancements to my blog soon. First I need to update my template. I'm using an old Blogger template that doesn't have everything it needs in it to handle all the new Blogger capabilities.

My nephew Mike's Blogger weblog uses one of the newer templates. Monette isn't able to display it with her Mac, so I'm a little hesitate to make hasty changes. I will make sure I can backtrack when I do add new things.

NEXT BLOG May Ruin Your Day
If you want an awful experience, play with the new Blogger NEXT BLOG button on the upper right of the screen. It will take you to a randomly selected Blogger blog.

The intent is that you will be able to find wonderful new Blogger blogs to read. The reality is that you will see some really awful blogs and maybe get a virus.

Melodee of Go Ahead: Read My Mind reported that when she used the NEXT BLOG button a virus started to download itself on her computer. She was rescued by her virus software, but she isn't going to try the NEXT BLOG button again.

I played with NEXT BLOG a few nights ago - before reading about Melodee's experience. I didn't get a virus, but I didn't see anything worth reading either. There sure are a lot of very bad blogs out there. Bad writing, bad grammar, and bad content.

Do you have a good blog to recommend?