Thursday, August 12, 2004

Gotcha with My Headrest
We got a new chair today and the little dogs are afraid of it. Sunny scuttles by it like it's going to reach out and grab her. Pappy is a little braver. After looking it over from afar, he finally went over and sniffed it out.

It's very comfy. I wish I could sit in it with my laptop but the little dogs wouldn't know what to do. I normally sit on the loveseat. Pappy sits on the back of it over my shoulder and Sunny snuggles up next to my left side. This obviously won't work if I'm sitting in a chair.

I will be able to sit in it when I don't have my laptop on my lap because then I can have the dogs on my lap - provided Sunny gets over being afraid of the chair.

Is That an Iceberg?
Last night was the doggy school picnic on a dog friendly beach at Lake Michigan. It couldn't have been colder. I heard we set records yesterday for the lowest temperatures ever in August. August is usually unbearably hot and humid in Michigan.

It was about 60 degrees (F) and very windy. I wore a sweatshirt covered by a fleece jacket with a nylon jacket on top. That kept me warm except for my hands.

Sunny was the lucky dog who got to go with me. She had never been to the beach before and she loved romping in the sand. We're going to have to go back when/if it warms up.

Here Kitty Kitty
Here's a link to a site with adorable kitten pictures. Everytime you click on the button, a new one pops up. Too cute.

Random Kitten Generator

Now I want to find one with random puppy pictures.