Thursday, August 05, 2004

Bobbleheads for Jesus
It all started about five years ago when my church hired a Minister of Worship and Music.

Until then there was an organ prelude, lots of the old hymns that I love, a choir that could be heard, and very excellent Christmas and Easter special music programs directed by talented people from the congregation. I loved the music. It played an important role in my worship.

Now we have an orchestra, chorus chants where the same words are repeated over and over, and a choir that can't be heard because the new sound system is drowning out the vocals with the amplified accompaniment.

Occasionally the Minister of Worship and Music gets to give the sermon. Then we all learn that we are to worship with our heart and mind on the Lord. Therefore, if we are critical of the worship service - especially the music - it is because we are not worshiping in the proper spirit.

This summer they let the Minister of Worship and Music preach a five week series on worship. Must be I'm not the only one who needs a musical attitude adjustment. I didn't hear any of it. I skipped church for five weeks, the most weeks in a row I've missed since I started going ten years ago.

I should have gone, because the challenge of keeping the spirit of worship has once again been kicked up a notch.

The latest new thing introduced in my church may be the last straw for me.

Picture this: The Minister of Worship and Music stands on the platform with several other song leaders called a Praise Team. As He talks to the congregation or gives a scripture reading, he has the Praise Team stare at him in total fascination and nod their heads up and down in approval.

I am so embarrassed for these people and my church! I can not maintain a spirit of worship while the Praise Team is looking like idiot Christian bobbleheads.

For some reason the Lord has really put this heavy on my mind, and I don't know what He wants me to do about it.

Would love to hear your thoughts - even if you think I'm overreacting.