Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Summer and Winter
Jan's Old Shale Two Yarn sock
This sock was knit by Jan. She lives in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, where it's summertime.

Nice socks Jan. And I'm so jealous of that greenery and sunshine.

Heron on the frozen pondFor contrast, this is what I see out of my SW Michigan window.

Today and tomorrow it is drizzling and thawing. 37 F/3 C. The forecast for Friday is snow and very cold, 2 F/-17 C. Definitely not summertime.

The sun is not shining and only the evergreens are green.

The heron is standing on our partially frozen pond getting ready to ice fish through the hole. Since the pond is spring fed, it thaws from the bottom up. There are always places in the ice where the ice is very thin.

Behind the pond is a fast flowing creek. It never freezes. Usually the heron is fishing there and not so out in the open as he is here on the pond.