Sunday, January 09, 2005

Flinging Down the Gauntlet
As you all know, I have a knitting blog, Stitches of Violet.

After two months, Stitches of Violet has ten times more readers than this blog and I can't knit fast enough to keep them entertained.

The solution to that problem is to throw in some nature content and some dog content and a little bit of family content.

But, oops! That's what I do here.

My life is not complex enough to support two blogs.

The obvious solution is to consolidate to one blog, the one with the most readers.

When I mentioned this to my family (they're not knitters), they booed loudly. I responded by challenging them to guest blog on Seasons of Violet. They would need to write a 200 to 400 word post once a week and maybe have a picture to go with it. They are thinking about it.

If family starts writing blog posts, it could get very interesting. We all have extremely different aptitudes, interests, and perspectives on life. It would be fun - I think.

While I'm waiting to see what happens next, the Doggy Diet post is going to be posted on Stitches of Violet. I spent an hour making dog food today when I could have been knitting, so my Stitches of Violet readers need to know about the doggy diet.

The same post is going to appear on two blogs. And that's the problem we need to solve.