Saturday, January 29, 2005

Anne and Sydney at 7 Months
Anne and Sydney at 7 monthsTomorrow I'm checking out plane fares to Idaho to attend a shower for Anne, John, and Sydney.

I've never visited John and Anne in Idaho, never seen their new home, never seen the resort where John works. And I want to. I want to very much. I'm just a little reluctant to do the airline travel thing, especially this time of year when the snow can create airport overnights.

I do want to visit once before the baby arrives, and the shower is the perfect excuse. I need to get myself a frequent flyer card and get used to the idea of flying across the country as often as I can afford. Granddaughters are just too precious not to have visits from Grandma.

As far as I know, Sydney still does not have a middle name.

I saw this saying in the sig on someone's email today:

"The sole purpose of a child's middle name is so she can tell when she's really in trouble!"
Since my granddaughter is going to be perfect, maybe she doesn't need a middle name.