Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Let's Try This
After thinking over the double blogging problem described in the previous post, I've decided to post all non knitting content from Stitches of Violet on Seasons of Violet.

The few faithful readers who don't care about knitting can continue reading without wading through the knitting detail. Occasionally when the knitting is related to the non knitting part of the post, there will be knitting content or pictures on Seasons of Violet, but I'll liberally edit out the knitting technical details.

If you are currently reading both blogs, you may want to switch to just reading Stitches of Violet. On the rare occasion when Seasons of Violet has a unique post, I will mention it on Stitches of Violet.

The invitation is still open for the family to publish here. I'm hoping that happens, but not counting on it.

I hope this makes everyone as happy as possible.