Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Baths Are Exhausting
Seems like every day for a week now we've been getting threatening weather reports. It's either going to be freezing rain or a foot of snow.

Fortunately, the reports have been overly pessimistic and neither has happened yet. But they will. It's Michigan and winter has just begun.

Last night it was raining and 34 degrees F (2 C) at dinner time. I considered staying home from doggy school, thinking that by the drive home at 10 pm the roads would be a sheet of ice.

We went. At 10 pm it was still 34 degrees and the rain had stopped.

The dogs had a grooming appointment at 8 am this morning. I figured it was going to be an icy ride, but the roads were dry and it was still 34 degrees.

They got home from the groomer about noon. Exhausted.

Glory, a big black lab mix, sleeping on the sofaGlory headed for the back room where we have an old sofa the dogs are allowed to sleep on.

Pappy, a Papillon, sleeping on the back of the loveseatPappy is recovering from the groomer on the back of the loveseat in the living room.

Sunny, a mix of many different kinds of little dogs, sleeping on the bedSunny headed for the master bedroom and went to sleep on our bed.

She was still tired from last night's doggy school and didn't want to get up and go anywhere this morning, especially not to the groomer.

I told her that regular baths are the price a little dog has to pay for being allowed to sleep on the people bed.

Tonight we're getting a forecast for up to a foot of snow tomorrow. Since the weather man is on a losing streak, I've scheduled lunch out with an old friend. If the snow happens, we'll postpone it.