Tuesday, November 18, 2003

What's Up, Doc?
Veterinarians have a joke they play on owners of female puppies. When the puppy is at its most hyper age, about six months old, the vet has the owner bring the puppy in to be spayed. When it's time for the puppy to go home, the vet tells the owner that it is very important to keep the puppy quiet for ten days. Then the vet goes in the back room and laughs and laughs.

The radiologists in Kalamazoo have a cruel joke they play on many female patients each year. In the mammogram area they have posted signs that say if you are "called back" for more detailed pictures you are not to be concerned. This joke backfires on the radiologists. The women patients talk about them and laugh and laugh about how stupid radiologists must be to put up signs ordering patients to do the impossible.

Another annoying medical joke comes to mind as I get ready to pay a bill that just arrived for a procedure I had done over a year ago. Medical bills are a joke. One has to decide if they just want to pay them without understanding them or attempt to understand them and go crazy. Oops. That's not a joke. That's a disgrace.