Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Question from What's On.....Right Now??

What's On your desktop Right Now??
In Microsoft XP land, which is where I live, the "desktop" is the first thing to display when I boot up. (Is it still correct to say "boot up"? I'm an old mainframe person and some of my language needs updating.)

Original violet picture from 2003Wild blue violets are my favorite flower.

That's very high praise for the violets because there are many flowers I love and look forward to seeing each year.

Last May when I bought my first digital camera I was able to catch a few violets still in bloom. The picture on my desktop is this violet picture from May, 2003.

Blogger Idol
It appears Blogger Idol has sunk into the sunset without ever saying good by. There is no new topic this week and no explanation on LivingRoom, the blog that sponsored Blogger Idol.

Participation has been way down. In fact, I didn't write on the last topic, "The Rhythm of Life".

Right now my rhythm of life is adagio as I leisurely transform into something and someone I've never been before. So far it's been a very pleasant experience but I don't know what the end result is going to look like.

Wednesday I had lunch with all my former team members and the few who are still working to complete the decommissioning. We were celebrating with one of the team leaders who has a new job with Pfizer.

It was so good to see everyone again. Listening to everyone talk about what they are doing reminded me how fortunate I was to work with quality people. They have faced their job loss with a positive attitude and taken the opportunity to re-evaluate and improve their life. I'm striving to follow their example.

What picture do you have on your desktop?