Sunday, June 20, 2004

Six little oak trees in the garden Chopping Down Oak Trees

On the left is a Hosta leaf. On the right is a Japanese Painted Fern. In the middle is an oak seedling. In fact, there are at least six oak seedlings in this two foot square area of our yard.

A few years ago we had a bumper crop of acorns and they didn't get raked up. Very bad mistake. I know now that it's very bad to leave acorns laying around where you don't want more oak trees growing.

The oak seedlings are firmly anchored in the ground by the acorn that produced them, so I can't pull them out. The seedling stems are very woody, so I can't hoe them down.

Every day I go out and chop down oak trees for fifteen minutes. I take a container for the fallen trees, a pruning shears, and cut them off as close to the ground as I can get. It is going to be a long project.

Want gmail?
I have three gmail invitations to give away.

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Vanity Plates
Last week there was no question from What's On.....Right Now?? The lack of question came at a bad time, because I've been struggling with what to post about the last few weeks.

This week's question from What's On.....Right Now?? is "What's On your 'vanity license plate' (otherwise known as personalized license plate) Right Now??"

I don't have a vanity plate, but desperate for a topic to write about, I decided to look for vanity plates when I ran errands on Thursday. The only two I saw said DANAGRL and GIRLPWR.

I apologize if you thought this topic was going to be interesting.

Have you seen any memorable vanity plates? Do you have one?