Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Second bluebird nest with three eggsBluebirds Nesting Again
The bluebirds continued coming to their nest box after the babies fledged, so I was never sure if it was OK to take the old nest out. Then, they started building a new nest on top of the old nest and I still wasn't sure what to do, so I left it.

I think it might have been a good thing to clean out the nest box. My current theory is that since they wouldn't get their nest box cleaned out if they were using a natural cavity, having a double nest can't be all bad.

The second family of bluebirds is due to hatch about July 1.

Tree swallow nest with three day old hatchlingsBaby Tree Swallows
Best I was able to count, all six eggs hatched. Seeing anything in this nest is very difficult because of all the feathers. The slightest little poof and the feathers are fluttering here and there instead of staying where Mother Swallow wants them.

The hatchlings look healthy and hungry.

The swallow parents fly around and catch insects for themselves and their young. There is no lack of insects at Violet Acres. I told Mother Swallow that I highly recommend the mosquitoes and the deer flies.

The deer flies win the blood sucking insect award for the most painful bite and the hardest to avoid bite. They swoop down on me with their mouths open and chomp. Ouch!

Mystery mothUnknown Moth
Bob spotted this moth as it sat in the window waiting for the rain to stop.

The way it is in the picture, it was about two inches wide. We never saw it with its wings unfolded.

I've been looking online and in my books, but haven't seen anything like it. I don't have a good butterfly/moth guide. Guess that's something I need to get on my Amazon wishlist.

Does anyone know what kind of moth this is?