Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Saturday Morning Lounging
Kimmy making a potholderWhen granddaughter Kimmy comes to spend the night, she likes to get up in the morning and mess around in the back room. Last Saturday she decided to make a potholder for her mother.

After the potholder was done, she got out the paper and markers and wrote a poem to honor the canine members of the family.

The pictures are not proportional to the size of the dogs.

Glory is a 70 pound lab mix.

Sunny is an 18 pound second generation designer dog (joke), part papillon, poodle, terrier, and many other things that we can only guess.

Pappy is a 14 pound papillon. He is the only dog of the three who appears to be a specific breed.

All three dogs are rescue dogs and most of their history is missing. All three are intelligent, loving, and very fond of Kimmy.

The "new" in Kimmy's poem refers to how long we've had the dog. We've had Pappy for two years now, but Kimmy still thinks of him as the new dog. She also thinks of him as royal in his appearance and behavior because he is very beautiful and dignified.

Glory, Sunny, and Pappy. A poem by Kimmy
Glory, black lab mix
Glory is pretty.
She's very nice, too.
She loves every one,
And definitely you!!!!!!!

Sunny, papillon mix
Sunny is cuddly.
She's not very new.
She is just perfect,
The way she loves me and you!!!!!!!

Pappy, papillon
Pappy is royal.
He's new, too.
But I still love him,
And he loves you!!!!!!!