Thursday, December 30, 2004

On Again and Off Again
I'm very very pleased to report that I've gained less than five pounds over the eating season. There wasn't a time when I deprived myself of goodies offered, either.

How do I explain that?

Well, I can't eat as much as I formerly ate in my pre-weightloss days. Even though I ate all kinds of good food this season, I didn't stuff myself to the discomfort level. Also, I saved the calorie splurging for things that were worth eating, skipping the less desirable goodies instead of stuffing my face just to be eating something.

Now that I'm not accustomed to eating many sweets, I could feel those sugar jolts and they weren't pleasant. That tended to moderate the amount of sugar going in. It wasn't worth feeling the aftereffects.

Diet food assortmentNow it's time to get the extra pounds off. I'm looking forward to doing that.

The chocolate has been replaced by fruit. The cookies have been replaced by Lo-fat Wheatables. The eggnog has been replaced by Aquafina. The pastries have been replaced by shredded wheat.

Ready, set, go! Off it comes!