Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Doggy School Chatter
One of the many things I like about going to doggy school is being in the company of like minded people.

We talk about things that aren't acceptable conversation in mixed (dog people/not dog people) society.

In Advanced Fun and Games, the name of our doggy school class, common topics include:

  • Dogs who sulk, get jealous, or get into trouble because they're bored.

  • Counter surfing.

  • Dog hair in food and drink.

  • Sleeping with dogs in the bed. (I can't get the dog to move off the pillow so there's room for me in the bed.)

  • Birthday parties for dogs.

Then there are the digestive tract topics:

  • Barfing dogs.

  • Pooper scoopers and poop bags.

  • Dogs bringing home prize horse turds.

  • Dogs eating rodents in two bites and the details of how sick they get from doing it.

  • That wonderful first day in spring when the snow melts and dog owners go out with gloves and a garbage bag and spend an hour picking up dog poop.

Front of Monthly Doos calendarLast Christmas my dogs, Sunny and Pappy, bought their trainer Gail Monthly Doos, the dog poop calendar for "When you care enough to give a crap." published by Watch Your Step Productions.

Gail loved the calendar and showed it to everyone that came along. We gave her a nice gift to go with the calendar, but I think she liked the calendar the best.

It hung on the wall at doggy school all year, and this Christmas we're giving her the 2005 version.

This calendar has gorgeous pictures, each one incorporating a fact of our doggy owner life, dog poop. It's full of horrible (meaning funny) puns about - well you get the idea.

Any dog lover will get a big laugh out of this calendar. Out of consideration for not dog people, there might be a problem finding a place to hang it.

As much as I'm into dog poop (with three dogs I have no choice about this) I don't want this calendar hanging in my house. But doggy school is the perfect spot. Let the beginner classes look at it and wonder about how their life is changing in so many ways.