Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Sunny Does Snow

It's snowing again. The wind is blowing and it's very cold.

The two little dogs aren't able to get through the snow on the back three acres where we usually walk. A few days ago Bob drove the jeep over the bridge and made some tire tracks for them to use.

This is what happened when 16 pound Sunny, the winter weather wimp dog, went out there with me.

Sunny at the end of the tire tracksThese tracks are nice, but they end here. What am I supposed to do now?

I'm not going out in that deep snow. In fact, my feet are cold and I don't want to be out here at all.

Sunny starting her run toward the houseThe rest of you can stay out here if like, but I'm going home.

Sunny from the rear still running toward the houseAlmost to the creek. Then over the bridge, across the back yard, up the stairs, and into the house.

Hope I get there before my feet freeze.

Sunny taking a napThat was exhausting.