Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Deep Winter Comment Questions

I've spent some time organizing the remaining blogiversary questions and will be answering them soon.

Meanwhile, here are some questions that have recently appeared in the comments:

Kerin who blogs at The Lion's Paw asked . . .
I just noticed that all three of your featured items are the same color. Are you having a "blue" winter?

Driveway under snow. Actually, snow everywhere.If we're talking yarn, it could be called a "blue winter". It wasn't planned. It just happened.

If we're talking weather, right now it's a "white winter".

A friend who had to go to work this morning said the roads are still slick. With the low temperatures we've been having, the road salt doesn't work.

Those of us who don't have to get out and go somewhere are well advised to stay home. It gives the drivers who have to be on the road less vehicles to slide into.

Bea who blogs at Strikkepinner og andre pinner asked . . .
Which sleeve will are you going to finish first?
The right sleeve of Frode was done first. Then the left. Frode is done! Except for the washing and blocking. Pictures soon.

Debi who blogs at Fluffy Knitter Deb asked . . .
Not being meal worm savvy, so you put all 500 out at once or bit by bit?
I'm not meal worm savvy either, so I'm playing it by ear. I put out about 50. They immediately froze solid.

Will the birds eat frozen meal worms? Danged if I know. I forgot to ask that important question.

Not that it matters. I haven't seen a bluebird since I bought the meal worms over a week ago. When the weather turns frigid and/or blizzardy, bluebirds go into the deep woods for protection. I worry about them daily. Silly birds should have gone south.

Maureen who blogs at Batty for Yarn asked . . .
Could you head some of that lake effect snow (LES) our way? It's not asking too much is it?
I'm working on this.

Jill who blogs at Just Another Creative Thing To Do asked . . .
Do you have squirrels or white tail deer that will come and share in the birdseed?

Fox squirrel in evergreen treeThere are many deer around, but they don't come to the bird feeders. They love the paths that DH mows in the back three acres and I see their footprints daily. Sometimes we surprise them on our first morning walk and it's a beautiful sight to see them run for the woods with their white tails bobbing.

We have fox squirrels (pictured) and the smaller, very cute but destructive hyper red squirrels that come to the feeders all the time.

With all our oak trees, the squirrels have plenty of acorns to eat. We try to discourage them from eating the bird seed, but it's futile.

Notice how plump and healthy this squirrel looks? We don't have any squirrels going hungry.