Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Blogiversary Questions - Dogs

There are still dozens of blogiversary questions left to answer. I have them divided up by topic and plan to answer all of them eventually.

Topics left on the list include:

  • Dogs
  • CIC
  • General knitting questions (2 or 3 posts worth)
  • Design related knitting questions
  • Granddaughters
  • Photography
  • Birds
  • Blogging
  • And the ever useful category, Miscellaneous

Today, the topic is Dogs.

Rebekah who blogs at Knit Knack asked . . .
I'd like to know how you and your pups came together, how old are they.
Glory is 10, Pappy is around 8 or maybe older, Sunny is 5.

All three are rescue dogs. There is a post here telling their rescue stories.

Connie who blogs at Between Loads asked . . .
How big of a parcel of land do you have - I am thinking of the number of dogs you have. We have about 1 acre with 1 dog. Yard cleanup after the dogs must be fun.
Glory walking on one of the dog paths on the back three acresThere is a day, usually in March, when the snow melts and dog owners face more poop in their yard than they ever imagined could accumulate over one winter.

I've heard that the best technique is to put on rubber gloves and pick it up while it's still frozen. Fortunately, we don't need to participate in the fun of Annual Poop Pickup Day.

Why? Because we dress up warm and take the dogs out for walks in the back three acre field all winter - morning, noon, afternoon, evening, and sometimes in between.

Bob has mowed walking paths through the weeds natural growth and the dogs love walking out there in a field full of rabbits, rodents, and other wildlife.

Pappy and Sunny like to wander off the path to leave their little piles. Glory, the big dog, does even better. She goes way off into the woods to get some privacy.

Susan Z. asked . . .
Did your involvement with Papillons begin with an interest in the breed or did you get interested in the breed after getting to know them?
It was a total accident.

Papillons are not common or well known in SW Michigan. We didn't know anything about the breed until we saw little Sunny on Petfinder listed as a Terrier/Papillon. I had to Google Papillon to see what the breed was about.

Papillons are wonderful little dogs. Very intelligent, eager to please, easy to train, loving, and full of personality. Perfect for older people. I'm hooked on the breed.

Kristin who blogs at Yarn and Order asked . . .
I know you're not supposed to play favorites, but is there one dog you feel a particular connection to and why?
Glory is Bob's dog. I'm very fond of her and involved in her care, but she loves Bob the best.

Between the two little dogs, I could never pick a favorite. And they don't either. They are bonded to Bob and me equally and don't like it when either member of their family is missing.