Saturday, December 02, 2006

Saturday Sky and Some Snow

Sunny, snowy Saturday Sky for December 2, 2006The winter storm passed us by without doing much damage. Today, Saturday, the sky is clear and blue.

Friday morning was looking serious. It was raining and icy. Schools closed, commuters were sliding off the roads, trees were collecting ice on their branches, and the forecast was grim. Even Western Michigan University closed, a rare event indeed.

As sometimes happens, the storm fizzled. By late afternoon we had about an inch of snow and it appeared to be done snowing. The road people announced all the roads were clear. The local radio station was indignantly asking what criteria Western used to decide to cancel classes and urging people to go to the years largest downtown Kalamazoo shopping promotion partially sponsored, of course, by that same radio station.

One of the many joys of being retired is the freedom to avoid white knuckle driving. After decades of commuting on slippery roads, I've officially switched over to being an old lady wimp driver. I stayed home.

Pappy thinking about fallen goldenrod in his pathThe weight of the ice brought goldenrod stalks down over the dog walking path.

Pappy is looking it over. A second after this picture was taken, he decided it would be the most fun just to jump over the whole thing, so he did.