Monday, November 13, 2006

Blogiversary Questions About Living in Michigan

Sarah asked . . .

Are you a native of SW Michigan or were you coerced into living there and can't stand to leave?
Jen asked . . .
I was wondering how long you have been in Michigan? Do you like it here? Would you every want to leave?
My parents moved to SW Michigan almost fifty-five years ago when I was seven. I like it very much. It feels like home and most days I have no desire to leave.

Becky asked . . .
Hi. I was wondering how you like the winters in Michigan? I have always lived where there isn't much winter (Texas). I would love to experience winter just once.
Out the front window - pine tree laden with snow.I really do like winter. The snow is beautiful, the air is crisp, indoors is cozy, and it's great knitting weather.

The problem with Michigan winters and the reason I have some days when I could be talked into leaving (just joking - I think), is that they go on forever!

October is the month of our first frost. This year we had two snowfalls in October. By February, Michiganders who aren't headed for a vacation in a sunny climate are noticeable grumpy. And, those who are headed out are also frequently grumpy as their flights get cancelled or delayed because of the ice and snow.

Our average last frost date is May 15. We can't safely plant annuals until Memorial Day at the end of May.

I have stats on the average length of Michigan winters here.

Rebekah who blogs at Knit Knack asked . . .
And I'd also like to know what you like the best about Michigan. Are you a native? Have you lived any where else and if you could live somewhere else where would that be.
Best of all, it feels like home. I grew up here, went to high school here, went to college here (Western Michigan University), got married here (twice), raised my kids here, had my career here, and retired here. My family is here, all except that naughty boy who moved to Idaho.

Before moving to Michigan when I was seven, I lived in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

If I couldn't live in Michigan, the obvious would be to live in Idaho near my son and his family.

If I couldn't live in Michigan and all my loved ones were going to move with me, I would like to settle in the beautiful Smoky Mountains, Tennessee or Kentucky.

Michelle who blogs at Lighthouse Designs by Soap Fiber Gal asked . . .
Are you far from Northern Ohio along Lake Erie... besides across the lake?
I'm on the other side (west side) of southern Michigan, above Indiana, only about thirty miles from Lake Michigan.

Trish who blogs at My Merino Mantra asked . . .
I would love to know if you have been to the Meijer Butterfly House!
I have not been to the Meijer Gardens butterfly house.

I have been in the butterfly house at the Binder Park Zoo in Battle Creek and the butterfly house at the Kalamazoo Nature Center.

I'm guessing the Meijer Gardens butterfly house is bigger and better?