Friday, November 26, 2004

Thanksgiving Thoughts
The whole list of things I'm thankful for is very long, too long to write. If I did write it, it would read like the story of my life. I've been abundantly blessed.

Here are a few things I'm thankful for this November:

  • Seasons of Violet. Over the past year writing this blog has resulted in a new closeness with family members who live far away.

  • My husband. We've been home together for a year now and we still like each other and laugh together.

  • My dogs. They are a constant supply of amusement, love, and reasons to go out on walks.

  • My mother. A remarkable woman who is a great example of aging with class, grace, and vigor.

  • My daughter. She met adversity head on and kept going until things got better again. She deserves the best and I hope she never settles for less.

  • My granddaughter Kimmy. Ever since she was ten minutes old and grabbed my finger, we've been bonded. I'm thankful that she is maturing into a fine young lady and still has some time for her grandma.

  • My son. He's a hardworking, easy going, caring man with a heart of gold. I'm so thankful he inherited the best qualities from both sides of his family.

  • My daughter-in-law. She's the perfect match for my son and she's going to be a good mom to my unborn granddaughter.

  • My unborn granddaughter. She's healthy and active, waiting to be born and delight her new family. We love her now, and we're going to love her even more when we meet her in April.