Monday, May 15, 2006

Monday Miscellany
This post may read like I'm whining. I'm not. Having lived 61 years, I know when life is good and right now life is good. Still, even in the best of times there are those little things that happen . . .

Weather News
It's been raining or getting ready to rain or just finishing raining for the past six days. Also, it's chilly. My joints are wishing for some dry weather and sun.

The grass has grown so long it's getting the bottom of my jeans wet when I walk though it and all garden plants have had a large growth spurt - the weeds growing three times quicker than the intended species. The Lily of the Valley is in the weed column. It's currently blooming and smells lovely, but it's growing in way too many places I don't want it.

Nest Box Invasion
We had a beautiful tree swallow nest in one of the nest boxes. There were five pretty white eggs snuggled down in a bed of white chicken feathers. An English sparrow (also called House Sparrow) got into the nest box, pecked holes in all the eggs, and threw the feathers out onto the ground. I hope the sparrows decide to establish a nest of their own in that nestbox because I'll be watching and waiting to get revenge.

It's easy to tell the English sparrow nests because they incorporate garbage in with the dried grass. How appropriate.

If my threats against the "cute little sparrows" upsets you, please read this.

English Sparrows commonly kill adult Bluebirds and other native cavity nesters and their young and smash their eggs. The House Sparrow is partially responsible for the near extinction of Bluebirds in the US. Since they are not native to this country, they are one of the few birds not protected by law.

Status of Barbara Shawl
I only have four more very long rows to knit on the Barbara Shawl and then I can start the border lace. And maybe I can finish the border lace before running out of yarn. The amount of yarn left on the cone is starting to look worrysome.

This is the fourth shawl I've ever knit and possibly the third one to require more yarn than I started with. Even though I'm aware of my tendency to underestimate shawl yardage required, it appears I may have done so again. It's going to be close. Very close.

I think I'll use that as an excuse to ignore housework this afternoon and sit and knit.