Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Tuesday Tidbits for October 4
Unenlightening Quiz
I found this quiz over on Michelle's blog, Plush Knits.

Blog Component Quiz

If I Were a Blog Component,
I would be the PERMALINK.
I'm constant and dependable. Which Blog Component Are You?
Take This Blog Quiz at About Web Logs!

The quiz only has four questions, and the third question is:

3) Which blog component do you think describes you the best?

Since I answered "Permalink", it's hard to be impressed by the accuracy of my quiz results. But it is accurate.

Am I Awake or Asleep?
Two weeks ago I visited the doctor for an ear, nose, and throat infection.

On a return visit to the doctor today, I learned that my infection is gone but I'm still suffering from allergies. Since I don't usually have allergies severe enough to be bothersome, I'm hoping this is a fluke for 2005, and not something to expect every fall from now on.

My new Rx is Zyrtec-D, which is composed of two components. Cetirizine causes drowsiness and Pseudoephedrine causes wakefulness. I feel like passing out on the floor with my eyes bugging out of my head.

Sydney getting her first taste of rice cerealOn a brighter note, Granddaughter Sydney turns six months old tomorrow.

She has teeth, she's sitting up, and a few days ago she had her first taste of real food.

Well, maybe "taste" is an exaggeration since it was rice cereal.