Thursday, October 06, 2005

Early Autumn
Fall colors just starting in the trees It's still early autumn in SW Michigan. The leaves have just started to turn. Many of the trees are still green, but not for much longer.

Once autumn begins, it goes quickly. The leaf colors turn dazzling shades of red, orange, and gold. Then they fall to the ground and we scurry to rake them up before the first snowfall. Some years we don't make it.

It's been know to snow in October. November for sure.

Hostas with fallen pine needles and fallen leavesOur average first frost date is mid-October. It hasn't happened yet this year, so the hostas and other tender plants are still green and standing while the leaves begin to fall around them.

The low temperature tonight is forecast to be 41 degrees ( 5 degrees C.). For Friday and Saturday the low is forecast to be 36 degrees ( 2 degrees C.). Those hostas won't be standing much longer.

Goldenrod in the field gone to seed The goldenrod in the field has all gone to seed. Every morning when the dogs and I go out for their first walk of the day, the field is full of migrating birds chowing down on all the yummy seeds.

Yesterday morning there was a flock of approximately two dozen bluebirds flying around the nest boxes. I'd like to think the flock contained some of this year's fledglings from my nest boxes, but it could just as well have been a migrating flock passing through.

Several of the bluebirds checked out the nest boxes. Maybe they were making note to come back in the spring to raise a family here.