Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Things to Smile About
Three month old smiling Sydney Anne in her strollerHappy Baby
Here is Granddaughter Sydney after a stroller ride with DS Dad.

This is my new desktop photo.

Just a little over a week before Granddaughter Kimmy and I get on a plane and head out to Idaho to see some of these smiles in person.

Bluebird nest with four eggsBluebird Eggs
Sunday evening in the triple digit heat, I noticed Mom Bluebird peeking out of the nest box. Thought it was rather strange, especially in the heat.

Early Monday morning when the dogs and I walked by, she was still peeking out of the nest box. When I said "Good morning" to her, she flew out so I looked in to see what was going on.

A third brood! I didn't know they ever did three broods in a year and I didn't think they would do one this late in the season.

Certainly something to smile about.

Back eyed Susans in the fieldColorful Flowers
Black-eyed Susans, one of my favorite wildflowers, are blooming in the field where we walk the dogs.

They're such a happy flower. They make me smile.

The Heat Wave is Almost Over
The thunderstorms blowing into the area are bringing a cold front. Temps in the mid 70s tomorrow.

Sunny and I are going to a doggy school picnic at Lake Michigan to celebrate. We're hanging around to watch the sun set over the lake - and I'm bringing a sweater.