Thursday, July 14, 2005

First, The Weather
It's hot, muggy, lazy weather with thunderstorms in the evening. That has been the weather since Monday, that is the weather for today, and that is the forecast for the next five days.

It works as the perfect rationalization for getting on line early in the day instead of doing housework. After all, the past two evenings have resulted in lightening and loss of power. It could happen again. Better to have posted than to have vacuumed. Don't you agree?

Start of More Fun Than Cables Sock New Sock Pattern
This sock pattern has been in my head for months. It's a pleasure to get it on the needles and have it turn out even better than I'd hoped.

I'm calling it More Fun than Cables, which describes the knitting process.

The picture is on Seasons of Violet because I need a family member to like these socks so I know how long to make the foot.

The socks are being knit for normal width feet because I'm going to publish the pattern. They're NOT going to fit my narrow feet or I'd be happy to keep them for myself.

First come gets um! email me.

For more details on the knitting and yarn, visit Stitches of Violet.

Harry Potter
In preparation for the Saturday arrival of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, I've started reading the two previous Harry Potter books.

I had forgotten how enjoyable the Harry Potter books are to read. I refuse to rush through them, so I'm not going to be ready to start the new book on Saturday unless I do a reading marathon between now and then. Unlikely.

If I was still working full time, reading the HP books would have been carefully scheduled and I would be finishing them just as the new book arrived.

Life is less planned now. I think it's a good thing. But sometimes I wonder.