Sunday, June 12, 2005

Sunny, Pappy, and Paws on the Pier

These are my two little dogs, Sunny on the left and Pappy on the right.

They are both about 14 pounds, have black eye patches, are very intelligent, and very very loved. Other than that, they're as different as can be.

  • Sunny is a female. Pappy is a male.
  • Sunny is mostly black. Pappy is mostly white.
  • Sunny has curly hair. Pappy has straight hair.
  • Sunny always looks ungroomed. Pappy always looks neat and tidy.
  • Sunny is a second generation (at least) mixed breed. Pappy is a Papillon.
  • Sunny has stocky legs and feet. Pappy has delicate legs and feet.
  • Sunny has a tiny head and small teeth. Pappy has a much larger head and teeth.
  • Sunny is persistent and stubborn. Pappy is eager to please.
  • Sunny is playful. Pappy is serious.
  • Sunny joined the family as a tiny puppy. Pappy joined the family as a rescued adult.
  • Sunny has never known harm. Pappy has had terrible things happen to him.
  • Sunny goes to "Advanced Hobby" class on Monday. Pappy goes to "Advanced Hobby" class on Thursday.
  • Sunny loves obedience work. Pappy is ho-hum about obedience work.
  • Sunny is ho-hum about agility. Pappy loves agility.
  • Sunny does not like strange places and crowds of people. Pappy loves them.

The Advanced Hobby classes are joining together to put on an obedience, agility demonstration at Paws on the Pier, a Humane Society dog walk in South Haven. Pappy is my demo dog - see last bullet on list - so he will be going to Sunny's class as well as his own for the next two weeks to practice.

That means Sunny will be going to the Intermediate class on Tuesday night, which means I'm going to be in doggy school three nights a week.

For anyone who is not a dog person and has read this far, let me assure you that Sunny is going to know Pappy went to her class. I really do have to take her on Tuesday or she will go into a major doggy depression.

Dog people don't need this explained.