Saturday, May 28, 2005

Saturday Snippets
Toad sitting on the cement after being cultivated out of his garden spotThis former pansy bed is now hosting a mix of coleus and dusty miller. I hope there's enough sun to make them happy here. If not, I'll know better next time.

Young Toad was not very happy yesterday when I disturbed his bed while pulling out the pansies. But, when I was done, the soil was nice and loose, and just the way he likes it. He jumped back in and buried himself in the dirt.

Young Toad was very unhappy again today when I started digging holes in his bed and almost put a trowel through him. He jumped up on the cement and I feel very fortunate that I don't understand toad language. I'm sure what he had to say wasn't nice.

By the time his half of the bed was planted, he was ready to jump back in, but I made him pose for this picture first.

Swallow flying around my head protecting the nest boxThe tree swallows are very protective of their nest. When I walk anywhere near, they circle round and round dive bombing my head.

The first few years I monitored swallow nests, this bothered me so much I would quickly leave. Now I know they never intend to actually make contact. I'm able to ignore them and do whatever needs to be done in the space they consider part of their territory.

The six little eggs are still in the nest. Mom and Dad are both alive and vigilant. Approximate hatch day is next Wednesday.

Granddaughter Sydney Anne at about seven weeksHere's my beautiful Granddaughter, Sydney Anne.

Dad was trying to get her to smile for the camera. She almost did it.

Even if it's not a big smile, it's incredibly cute. I love this picture.