Saturday, May 07, 2005

Happy Mother's Day Anne, Heather, and Mom
All three of these wonderful mothers belong at the top of the list. So how to arrange the pictures? Let's go with newest mother first. I'm sure the more experienced mothers will understand.

Next dilemma, what to write? Each one has touched my heart in so many ways it's impossible to express my love and admiration for them without writing a book.

If I don't limit myself, I'll be writing for weeks, so I'll only pick one main theme for each woman. Please know that each of these mothers approaches perfection.

Anne and two week old Sydney after a feeding Love
Anne is one of the nicest, kindest, warm and loving women I have ever met. I'm so blessed that she's married to my son and is the mother of my new granddaughter, Sydney Anne.

Heather in her office at her desk Character
Heather Louise is a woman who has worked hard for years and is finally earning some of the respect and compensation she deserves in the working world. I am blessed to have her for a daughter. She is also the mother to my first granddaughter, Kimberly Louise.

My mom, grandma to Heather, great-grandma to Sydney Zest for Life
Marguerite Louise knows how to avoid old age. She may be old enough to be my mother (she IS my mother), but her heart is young. She is full of energy and enthusiasm for life. Just in the past month she has started learning some html and lauched her own blog, Odysseuse on the Move, an interesting blog written by an interesting lady.