Sunday, May 13, 2007

12th Annual Louise Lunch

Louise lunch started when Kimmy was named Kimberly Louise, the fourth generation of women with the middle name Louise.

On a Saturday in May the four of us meet for lunch to celebrate Mother's Day, Heather's May 13 birthday, and our love for each other.

As Kimmy once told a friend, "If your middle name isn't Louise, you can't come."

This year, as many others, we ate at Clara's in Battle Creek.

Heather, Mom, and KimmyLeft to right: Daughter - Heather Louise, Mom - Marguerite Louise, and Granddaughter Kimmy - Kimberly Louise.

Kimmy, Mom, and me looking sillyBy the time I handed over the camera to Heather and showed her which button to press, no one was being serious.

Left to right: Granddaughter Kimmy - Kimberly Louise, Mom - Marguerite Louise, and me - Marguerite Louise.

Mom with her Mother's Day gift bookWe all received a gift to suit our interests.

Here's Mom giving thumbs up to her new Donald Westlake book.

Me with my Mother's Day gift bagI'm appreciating all the compartments and pockets in a new knitting bag.

Heather with her birthday socksHeather is holding her handknit birthday socks. (Sock details here.)

Kimmy with her Louise Day braceletKimmy is grinning over her new bracelet.