Saturday, September 30, 2006

Saturday Sky and Message to Readers
Rainy Saturday Sky on September 30, 2006Another rainy weekend, the perfect excuse to sit and knit instead of working outdoors.

I do feel sorry for all the employed people who looked forward to a beautiful fall weekend and got this instead.

Did you know that this blog is a subset of my knitting blog Stitches of Violet?

Since I have a few family members who don't want to read through the knitting stuff, I copy and paste most of the non-knitting content of Stitches of Violet here just for them.

At this time in my blogging history, there is nothing being written for this blog. That could change, but I have no plans at this time to expand Seasons of Violet with original content.

Stitches of Violet has many more readers than Seasons of Violet. If I ever do begin to write posts for Seasons that are not on Stitches, I'll be sure to mention it on Stitches.

I usually blog on Stitches of Violet four or five times a week. When there is heavy knitting content, there may be nothing to post here for many days at a time. If you have any interest in knitting at all, I recommend you read Stitches of Violet and not this blog.