Monday, June 05, 2006

Followup on Goat and Dumbbell
The Goat
Head of the nanny goat who lives next doorThe neighbor goat I referred to as Mr. Goat here, is really Miss Goat.

Maybe now that I've insulted her, she'll stay in her own yard.

Doggy Dumbbell
Pappy wishing the dumbbell would disappearI wrote a post here, complete with pictures of woeful looking dogs, about how my two little dogs were flunking dumbbell training at doggy school. Both of them hate the dumbbell in their mouth.

Pappy resisted dumbbell with all his will. When forced, he would get so upset he didn't enjoy the rest of the class. He is otherwise well behaved and eager to please.

Pappy is a rescue dog with major scars. He's at least eight years old. We've had him for almost four years. He didn't have a nice life before he came to live with us and I couldn't justify making him do something he hates just to say he could do it.

Or, as my husband succinctly put it, "We didn't rescue him so we could torture him."

Now when Pappy's class does dumbbell, Pappy happily jumps the hurdle without a dumbbell.

Sunny was making a little better progress than Pappy, but she dropped back to the Intermediate class when she was diagnosed with spondylosis. The class she's in now doesn't do dumbbell.

Sunny has not dropped the dumbbell at my feet asking why we don't do it anymore.