Thursday, April 14, 2005

The Cygnets Are Coming
Female swan on the vest with male swan guardingThe swans are nesting at the nearby state fish hatchery.

Glory and I approached the pond about thirty feet from the nest and daddy swan came right over to give us an escort. As we walked the path along the pond edge headed for the nest, he swam along with us.

I had tight hold of Glory's leash just in case she decided it might be fun to chase a swan. She does chase ducks on our pond. Fortunately she's a smart girl. She pretended the big swan swimming about ten feet from us just didn't exist.

After I had taken a few pictures, daddy swan decided we had lingered around his nest long enough. He started hissing. Glory and I left. I don't care to tangle with an irate swan.

But I'll be back. There are going to be cygnets soon and I'm looking forward to seeing them.