Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Cell Phone, Camera, Snow, and Anticipated Warmth
The road in February. A rather boring snow picture.All the little chores and errands that need to be done before going on a trip have been keeping me busy.

Yesterday I braved the cell phone store and bought a camera phone. Can't give a reason why I need a camera phone. I have a very serviceable digital camera. But I've know for a while that I was going to get one unless it cost too much. It didn't and I did. Just for fun.

One of the things that needed to be done before my trip was to figure out how to use my new phone.

What you're seeing in the top picture is the very first photo I was able to get from my cell phone to my laptop. I went out to get the snail mail, twirled around and took a picture down the road.

Looking down the road into a winter sunsetThis is one of my favorite pictures from last February. Same road, opposite direction from the mail box.

We live on a shaded dirt road in rural SW Michigan. Once the road gets a packed down layer of snow it usually stays covered all winter, even through minor thaws like we've been having.

Checked out the weather forecast for Post Falls, Idaho where I'm going tomorrow. They're having daytime temps in the 50's. Now that's a thaw worth mentioning!

To someone coming from a Michigan winter, a temperature in the 50's is going to feel like tee-shirt weather. I can hardly wait. Do you think the sun will shine? Maybe we can have the baby shower outdoors.